LOAV Vöslau 1.11

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LOAV Vöslau 1.11

translated by BenQuick 22/07/2013

This airfield is located approx. 25 km SSE of Vienna and approx. 30 km South East of LOWW. It is operated by Airfield Voeslau Operations Ltd ("Flugplatz Vöslau BetriebsGmbH - FBG" http://www.loav.at). The sceery is photorealistic based on pictures taken there (Winter 2012/13).  
All the buildings which are needed for VFR approaches (including barracks in the North and the localities in the south) are modeled. Even the nearby forest were rendered — as far as it is possible inside X-Plane.
Please notice that the rendering of the objects is depended on your resolution settings in X-Plane. If the Framerate allows it, please use high settings! The light effects are visible if HDR mode is selected.
It is still a beta version. Please test it and report possible errors to   oe3gsu@x-plane.at. THANK YOU!

Tested with XP10.21+

UPDATE: some minor errors corrected!

If you discover errors or wish a modification please mail me at: oe3gsu@x-plane.at
Released in the public domain. Feel free to modify, improve, correct, ... but leave me a short message!

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Version 1.0:
Version 1.1:

   LOAV Voeslau 1.11.zip    Exclusions corrected, to remove trees at the runway  Smile